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Because when you're out on the course, all that's there is your internal monolog

I love my RudyProject sunglasses and helmets (yes plural).  Next time I need new Rx lenses, I’m definitely going to look at these.

DENVER, CO– As a leader in prescription sports eyewear, Rudy Project is proud to launch the latest advancement in RX photochromic lens technology: ImpactX-2. This new generation of the award-winning Rudy Project ImpactX lens has been updated with cutting-edge photochromic particles which provide faster color transition and extremely enhanced contrast via…Read more ›

Source: ImpactX-2: The Next Generation of Fast Acting, Prescription Ready, Pho

Provided you’re not in my age-group, check this out 😉


Source: Best Kept Secret in Sports Science: How to Lower Creatine Kinase (CK Levels) and Dramatically Improve Athletic Performance

Training Peaks Swimming Data Analysis – Hector Rodriguez

Hector writes a nice piece about some of the powers of TrainingPeaks.

The following is a true story about a triathlete that might have been me or not. I’ve been using Training Peaks for almost 4 years now. Swimming Data Analysis is something new to me though since I only got my Garmin 910xt just recently (a couple of months back). So here’s a story that you […]

Source: Training Peaks Swimming Data Analysis – Hector Rodriguez

PALEO Superfood™

The Athletic Alliance was created to supply athletes with effective, all-natural, high-quality sport supplements. All our products are designed with competitive athletes in mind, so they contain no sugar, no artificial ingredients, and no substances banned by standard anti-doping regulations. Shop online at

Source: PALEO Superfood™

Ok.. I’m not a follower of any commercialized productized diet program (I eat what my body likes and avoid things that don’t feel good – pretty simple), but I’ve read a lot about the Paleo™ diet and its motivations.  I feel pretty comfortable in saying that nothing about an isolated, desiccated, ground up, powdered and packaged “food” supplement has much of anything to do with the Paleo™ ideal… just sayin…

Staging Nearly Complete 

almost have everything together for 10 days of training camp

Big thanks to FirstEndurance, Extreme Endurance, PureProtein, TrainingPeaks, GU Energy and Redbull Canada.

Gonna be epic!

W00T! Spring Training Camp..

Spring training camp at Mont Tremblant is nearly here!!!

This time tomorrow I’ll hopefully be starting the drive to Tremblant for 10 days of focused training.

Hopefully the weather and the black-flies play nice :)

Trek issues massive quick-release skewer recall – BikeRadar

Poor gear combination + carelessness = disaster.  Ouch.

Trek issues massive quick-release skewer recall – BikeRadar.

I really like the balanced view in this article.  Personally, I tend to tailor my nutrition to my workouts.  Distance rides and runs at lower intensity will typically get fueled with a lower carb ratio than the days when I’m doing hard swim, bike or run intervals.

The cornerstone of nutrition is the fundamental principle that nutrition is intensely personal: genetics, availability, familiarity, digestive challenges all necessarily must play a part in your personal nutrition plan both when racing and not. :)

Food Fight: High Carb or High Fat Diet For Endurance Athletes | TrainingPeaks.

Wahoo News

My Wahoo Kickr trainer recently crapped out, so it seemed like a good time to do a catchup on Wahoo Fitness.

Lets start with …

My Kickr

So it was fine last Thursday for my MAP ride, but when I went to do my long ride on Saturday it wouldn’t put any useful resistance into the workout, then the power reading would drop to zero and the resistance would climb in excess of 800w.  Seems I need a new “top cap”, but Wahoo was quick at diagnosing the problem and shipping the part.  Great customer support!

Turn-Based Navigation

Wahoo has partnered with RideWithGPS to enable turn-by-turn navigation on the RFLKT and RFLKT+ computers.

Turn by Turn Direction Screen

Users can plan a ride out in advance or find one online using the Ride with GPS route planner getting where they need to be safely and efficiently. Metrics from the ride like speed, distance, duration and elevation gain (RFLKT+ only) are displayed on the computer as well.

This is pretty cool, though I haven’t tried it myself (I have well known training routes that I follow so don’t tend to use nav much).  Still I think it’s a pretty smart use of a remote display for a smart phone.

And Finally…

Wahoo Sponsors Sarah True (Groff)

2012 Olympian, silver medalist in the 2014 International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships and a strong hopeful for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. During the 2015/16 season, True will train on the KICKR power trainer (also used by Team Sky), TICKR X Workout Tracker, RFLKT+ Computer, the Balance Scale, and other Wahoo Fitness products. The data generated by Wahoo products provides True and her coach the metrics needed to stay on track throughout the season. True will focus primarily on the ITU World Triathlon Series and started her season on March 6th in Abu Dhabi, the first race on the ITU World Series calendar, where she finished 9th overall. Five American women finished in the top 10 in that race. True continued her season March 28th and 29th at the ITU World Triathlon in Auckland, New Zealand with an 8th place standing.


This is a great article on OW swimming from Jodie Swallow

From the Shallows of the Pool to the Open Water ‹