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Sport Gel Personal Research

I’m using this page to track my testing of different sports gels. Specifically, I’m making the assumption that they all provide energy, but that some will be tolerated by my guts better than others. I’m collecting this information primarily for myself in preparation for the summer tri/IM season, but figure that it may be useful for others as well.

Most of my testing will be done on an empty stomach 15-30 minutes before my morning 1.5 hr swim. I’ll note any test result that don’t adhere to these conditions. Each gel will be tested multiple times to try to ensure statistical accuracy.

The initial testing will focus on gels with caffeine, I may look at other products (drinks, uncaffeinated gels, etc.) after my initial round is complete.

Product Test Date Results Notes
Hammer Gel Espresso 01/24/11 Some reflux, but I think from last night’s late spicy food Retesting of HammerGel proved it to be the most flavourful, most easily handled gel that I tested.  I’ve standardized on Hammer Gel Espresso for my gel source.
Carb Boom! Vanilla Orange 01/26/11 A few citrus burps, one at lap 24, another in the high 90’s, generally tolerated ok.
02/11/11 No tolerance issues. 2nd test was long-swim w 2 gels: 1 pre-swim and 1 during swim.
Clif Shot Mocha 01/28/11 Not 1 burp. Had 1 before swim and 1 45 minutes into 2 hr session. All good.
Powerbar Strawberry Banana 02/02/11 Well tolerated. Very runny compared to others – good from flask, poor for 1 handed single-serving use. Not as good tasting as others.
02/15/11 Perhaps some tolerance issues, though I think I just didn’t wash it down well enough. During 2nd test I found the fruit flavors burned my throat. The 2nd test was a run test.
Gu Energy Gel Jet Blackberry 02/04/11 Well tolerated. No issues at all. 1 before swim and 1 50 minutes into 2 hr session.
Clif Shot Strawberry 02/07/11 No issues. Felt sluggish this morning. Probably nothing to do with the gel tho. For a fruit flavour, not bad tasting.
Gu Energy Gel Mandarin Orange 02/09/11 No tolerance issues Taste meh
02/15/11 No tolerance issues Citrus flavour burned throat.