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Because when you're out on the course, all that's there is your internal monolog

About Me

Hi! I’m Rick.

Professionally, I’m a career computer geek. I started in 1983 as a software developer. I’ve held pretty much all roles from Jr. Dev, to VP Dev and CTO in different sized companies (from 4 to 40,000+). Today, I’m Chief Geek at Tucows Inc., leading the technology charge, improving our services, and improving our lives in the process ;).

I’m married to a wonderful gal, Kim, who generally puts up with all my distractions, diversions and quirks.

Athletically, I’ve had quite the journey. I’ve always been active, but over the years I’d managed to pack on a fair bit of weight from the 185 I used to run when I was in highschool. At 41, in Aug of 2009, I looked in the mirror and really didn’t like what I saw. My joints hurt from carrying my 250+ lbs of mass around and I realized that fixing it wasn’t going to get any easier.

My wife and I took on a strict, but effective, diet regime. We sold the car and bought bikes and committed to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

By December, me now 42, I’d shed over 85lbs and felt AMAZING! I was now lighter than I had any conscious memory of ever being. I rediscovered rock-climbing and was better at it than I ever had been. I really got into climbing and started to hit the gym to work muscles that climbing doesn’t exercise. Keeping muscular balance helps avoid overuse injuries by keeping the balance on both sides of the joint. While I was working out, I decided I should work the climbing muscles to allow myself to become a stronger climber. Then I added cardio to my workouts to improve my climbing stamina. Then I added swimming… See where this is going?

At 1st, 12 lengths of the YMCA pool (18 meters) and I was spent, but I pushed myself and improved quickly. Over a few months I worked up to 1hr+ swim sessions 3x/week. (I now swim 12+ km/wk).

One day, one of the guys I work with says to me “Rick, you run, bike and swim. Why don’t you do a triathlon?” I laughed, but the seed had been planted on very fertile soil. I decided to start training for triathlons. Was originally targeting Olympic length races, but after I started training, I realized that a 1/2 IronMan was completely within reach (although, admittedly a challenge).

So here I am, training like a madman. I have a coach. My season is planned (starting with the Milton Sprint Tri and ending with Ironman Muskoka in September). I have a roadbike that I can retrofit for triathlon, but have started saving for a Cervelo P3C that my friend Mike (multiple IM finisher) is selling me at a great deal.

I’ve learned so much about myself over the last few years. Inspired several around me to take control of their lives, nutrition, exercise and weight. I look forward to continuing my journey. Glad to have you following along.