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Because when you're out on the course, all that's there is your internal monolog

Let’s put a pin in this for a bit…

My goals in 2017 were to race 2 Full distance Ironman events.  Lake Placid for training effect (and because it was close) and then Chattanooga for a PR.

At Lake Placid I developed a blinding (literally) migraine near the end of the bike.  I limped my way to T2, spent 30 minutes in the medic tent and then walked the “run” for a 15-something, nearly 16h finish.

I just tapped-out at IM Chattanooga again due to the exercise-induced migraine but this time it started to shut me down 10 miles into the bike.  By mile 30 my right eye vision was nearly gone and I had almost no power into the pedals.  Had a great swim too (57mins by my garmin), but my bike was weak from the start and just got worse as time went on..

I learned this year that, for me, 2 full Iron’s in 1 year is too much.  I’ve really lost my passion for the sport and I’m going to do “other things” to occupy my time for a bit.  May go back to single-sport bike and run racing and try to improve my single sport performance.  For now, I’m going to enjoy the fall: hang out with Kim and the dogs, maybe do some kayaking and cross-country skiiing if we get snow this year.  Maybe do some crossfit.. unsure, but a vacation from Triathlon is definitely in the cards.

And so, I’ll put a placeholder here with the InternalMonoblog.  At this crossroads, I wish you all well until we meet again.



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