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Because when you're out on the course, all that's there is your internal monolog

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Tour de France Physics | Science Blogs | WIRED

This is fun :)

Tour de France Physics | Science Blogs | WIRED.

Golden Packet Contest | GU Energy Labs

A new vid from GU surrounding their Golden Packet Contest.  They’re having too much fun with this Yeti theme!

Golden Packet Contest | GU Energy Labs.

Find the GOLDEN Packet of Salted Caramel GU – YouTube

GuEnergy has a contest running… and probably the best flavoured Gel on the market…

Find the GOLDEN Packet of Salted Caramel GU – YouTube.


Bike Lanes Aren’t Always the Safest Place To Ride…

This is pretty awesome.  This guy gets a ticket from a confused police officer in New York and then proceeds to make a video of him crashing into all the obstacles in bike lanes that make them unsafe… including a police car!

Video here.

GU Energy Unveils Salted Caramel Gel – Endurance Sportswire

GU Energy Unveils Salted Caramel Gel – Endurance Sportswire.

MMmmm must get some… I was just thinking the other day that I wish there were other non-sweet flavours like Gu Peanut Butter flavoured gel.  Lo and Behold!  Salted Caramel!  Boom!

Quite a Surprise

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 9.37.56 AM

I was visiting my folks yesterday for Mother’s Day. I love my folks and don’t see them near enough.

Anyhow. Soon after I got there, they asked me if I had seen my picture from the Toronto Marathon in the National Post.


Well, no I hadn’t, but here it is. That’s me at the bottom, in the forefront. Too bad it was a not great day for me otherwise but fun to make the national press ;)

Ok… I had to laugh… No really, you will too!

Ok…. yes it’s exciting that there’s a potentially new carbon fiber material out there that’s stronger and lighter and sustainable, but their 1st product:

The first product, called FXR (Front Xtended Range), is designed to be mounted in between aero bars and carry a Speedfil A2 bottle.

Weighs in at:

just 20 grams compared to competing systems weighing 25 grams

Karbon Speed launches all-new Flax Carbon Hydration Product Line for 2013 » Endurance Sportswire.

Now come on… 5 grams?  I really did laugh out loud.

Extending this small piece into the full size of a bike frame and I start getting a little excited.  Say there’s 100x the quantity of carbon fiber in a frame than this little prototype.  That’d be a savings of 500g – that’s pretty serious.

Things I Never Expected to Learn While Training as a Triathlete

Outside running today in a few degrees below freezing, it occurred to me that I’ve mastered the snot rocket.  I don’t remember the last time is botched it and ended up wearing the effluent :)

For those of you who haven’t yet mastered this handy hanky-saving trick:

5 Steps to the Perfect Snot Rocket – Runner’s World | Runner’s World & Running Times.


WTC Announces End Of Ironman NYC

Well this is a different spin on the “one and done”.

WTC Announces End Of Ironman NYC.

Can’t say I’m terribly surprised.

They could go just slighly upstate and have so much better of an event for a lot less cost (think Catskills Mountains).

Ironman Mont Tremblant: It’s Starting to Get Real™

In fewer than 7 days, assuming nothing goes terribly wrong, I will have heard the words “Rick Yazwinski, you… are.. an.. Ironman” for the 1st time in my life.  It’s all starting to get real.  I’m mid taper and my non-workout-inspired-angst is raising along with my desire to be excited and nervous.  I’m trying to keep all this rampant emotions in check and just focus on mechanical task completion.

  • I have my race number from the site (1176).
  • I’ve assembled my packing list.  I do this days ahead of time so I don’t forget things.
  • I’ve built my race number holder for the bike and just need to get some longer bolts to attach it. (The Storck doesn’t really have a “good” place to attach a number, so I’ve made a bracket to attach under the Di2 battery holder.)
  • I’m stretching a lot to keep flexible as muscles repair, strengthen and otherwise tighten up :)
  • I’ve picked up 6 disposable water bottles that I’ll exchange on the bike ride (don’t want to ditch “clean bottles” or fancy souvenir bottles)
  • And finally, I’m in the super-strict “race weight” diet stretch.  Super-clean eating, targeting zero deficit or excess.  No calories in after 9pm.

2 days of work and then I’m off for a week.  Wednesday will be a busy day: van pickup, packing, (hopefully none, but probably some) last minute pickups.  Thursday morning I hit the road for Tremblant. Hopefully I’ll leave early (6ish) and be there early afternoon.  I’m taking my laptop and my GoPro, so I’ll be doing some updates later in the week from on site.  My race-day nutrition plan has evolved since Panama and I’ll do an updated post on that here.


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