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Review: BowSwim

Recently I had to spend, yet another, few days away from home traveling for work.  Historically, when traveling for work, I’d find a local masters swim group or YMCA to get my swim workouts.  In this recent trip there was no masters group I could find nearby and similarly no convenient YMCA.  The hotel had a pool, but it was a pretty typical hotel pool (i.e. super small).   I was beginning to think I was out of luck but then I remembered seeing some posts on Facebook and Youtube talking about a tethered swim system called the Bowswim.


From bowswim’s website:

BOWSWIM® Resistance Swimming System manufactures the strongest stationary swimming pole in the industry.  The Bowswim® pole is engineered with telescoping technology, and is constructed from reinforced carbon/fiber material.

The pole is designed to be used in the fully extended position, and when used as directed, is capable of safely deflecting greater than twice the static thrust force an Olympic swimmer can generate.  It is the only system offering “Variable Custom Lift”with the added benefits horizontal water exercise brings to fitness and rehabilitation.  The Bowswim® pole telescopes to 72 inches from 21 ½ inches making it the only truly portable device of its kind.  Add the optional Bowswim Ladder Clamp to your system, and never miss a travel related workout.

If your pool or spa is at least 10 feet long and 3 ½ feet deep, Bowswim’s revolutionary technologies can transform your pool or swim spa to a nearly stress free, impact free training environment.  With Bowswim you exercise, train, rehabilitate, strengthen and tone, and you do it better, smarter and more efficiently.

Here’s a video/commercial they have up on youtube:

My 1st experience with the bowswim was, as I said, in the hotel tiny pool.  After a 30 minute session I felt like I’d been crushed by a 90 minute intense workout.  It was CRAZY!  Subsequently, I’ve discovered more subtleties of the bowswim.

Sure the bowswim can give you an awesome tethered swim workout, but it can do so much more.  The 1st thing you’ll find after swimming tethered for a bit, is that when you start to swim normally again your feel for the water is heightened and you feel the water pushing on the back of your arm during your catch.  Let me tell you, this really cranks up your stroke rate. Also, the spring-recoil of the bow is useful for finding an eliminating dead-spots in your stroke:  if you’re over-gliding or otherwise wasting effort, the bow will pull you backwards in the water (and if you aren’t exhaling at the time, you get a mild water boarding effect, or at least I do 🙂 ).

Fortunately, I haven’t had occasion to use the bowswim for rehab (touch wood), but I can see how water running or aquafit-type activities could be greatly enhanced with the use of the bowswim.

I can’t end this review without talking about the customer service from Bowswim: it’s truly second to none.  Randy, the owner/inventor, is really great.  He’s really interested in making sure that his customers are having a good experience and followed up with me several times after my purchase.  Certainly a level of service you don’t get every day!

I have to say, I love my bowswim! It’s become an integral part of my swim training and has already had a notable impact on my times.  Awesome!

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